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Working IDEAL Supports Proposal to Update Federal Standards for Collection of Race and Ethnicity Information

On April 27, 2023, Working IDEAL submitted comments regarding a proposal to update federal standards for the collection of race and ethnicity information. These standards have not been updated since 1997. Working IDEAL supports efforts to modernize reporting of race and ethnicity information, particularly as they relate to the collection of workforce demographic data. For […]

Rethinking Unpaid Internships: Equity Upon Entry to the Workforce

Authors: Joelle Min and Sarah Crawford Young people across the country often pursue internships with hopes of return offers and greater career opportunities once graduation comes along. In 2022, internships are of greater importance as the height of the pandemic last year canceled almost half of internship opportunities. Often, students are expected to be grateful […]

5 Reasons Why First-Generation College Students Should be a Target Population in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts in the Workplace

Authors: Xavier Walker, Cherrie Bucknor, and Pam Coukos First-generation college students/professionals are a unique population of people who are an increasing focus for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at colleges and universities, and that should become a formal part of workplace DEI programs. To be a first-generation student typically means one’s parent(s)/caretaker(s) did not obtain […]

7 Ways to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Hiring

Authors: Ahmmad Brown and Sarah Crawford In today’s competitive job market, employers can deploy a range of strategies to attract and recruit diverse talent. The following recommendations – broken into the recruitment, candidate evaluation, and process maintenance phases – offer best practices and considerations to develop a recruitment and hiring protocol to ensure diversity, equity, […]

Building a Culture Code to Promote Respect in the Workplace

Authors: Sarah Crawford and Christian Andres Alfaro A strong culture code—which alternatively may be called a code of conduct or civility code—sets expectations about how employees should interact in order to create a healthy workplace culture. A culture code can help to foster a safe and constructive working environment in which all employees feel accepted […]

Best Practices to Increase Engagement, Productivity, Retention, and Innovation | Excerpts from Diversity, Inc.

It’s been over a year since noted journalist and scholar Pamela Newkirk published Diversity, Inc., an essential account of the promises many companies made to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion, the billions spent on programs and initiatives over five decades, and the huge gap that still remains in fulfilling those promises. This acclaimed book, which […]